IBUS - Counselling and support for sex workers in Innsbruck

who we are and what we do

We are social workers with a feminist, intersectional and accepting view of sex work.


We offer free and anonymous services to active and former sex workers in Tyrol/ Austria on the following topics:



* Health care, sexually transmitted diseases and safer sex..


* Social support and assistance with insurance, taxes, debt, sexuality, violence..


* Legal counselling, labour law, residence law, fines..


* Career planning, career change counselling, job coaching, job search assistance


* Crisis intervention



We offer personal counselling on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings at our office in Innsbruck (Schöpfstraße 19). But please e-mail or call us (or whatsapp) ahead of time:


Phone: +43 (0)660 4757345



Besides support of sex workers and their relatives we also organise events, hold talks at various universities and colleges and also work towards a destigmatisation and decriminalisation of sex work.


We are connected to self-organisations in Austria and beyond.


Our political position is: full decriminalisation of sex work. Sexwork is work.

Informations on sex work in Austria
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iBUS mural in Innsbruck. "Desired and desplaced. Sexwork in Tyrol"