OBligatory STD examinations for sex workers

In Austria, by law, sex workers have to be examined for STDs by a public health officer every 6 weeks.


Examinations MUST take place at the health office (Gesundheitsamt). Examinations within brothels contradict Austrian laws as well as the guidelines of the Austrian Medical Association (Ärztekammer).


The examination must also be free of charge. If you are sent to a private doctor by a brothel, please insist on an invoice. You can then deduct this from your taxes.


You also do not have to have a check-up every week. Since you are self-employed, no one can tell you to do this, otherwise it is not real self-employment. If this is the case for you, please contact us or a trade union.


ATTENTION: The compulsory examinations  at the health office are not a gynecological screening. You will also not be treated if a disease occurs. We therefore strongly recommend going to a gynecologist of your choice for regular check-ups and a pap smear.


Official medical examinations are held at the following locations and on the following days:




Thursdays from 13:30

Maria-Theresien Straße 18, 6020 Innsbruck

Tel: +43 512 5360 1128




Wednesdays from 13:00

Bozner Platz 1-2, 6330 Kufstein

Tel: +43 5372 606 6142




Wednesdays from 08:00-12:00

Obermarkt 7, 6600 Reutte

Tel: +43 5672 6996 5750





Wednesdays from 13:30

Franz-Josef-Straße 25, 6130 Schwaz

Tel: +43 5242 6931 5963




Examination at the Kufstein Health Office Thursdays from 13:30

Bozner Platz 1-2, 6330 Kufstein


Information about exams at the health office in Innsbruck
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STDs, prevention and treatment

PreP: HiV prevention.


You can get PrEP at the clinic in Innsbruck for €60/ month but you will have to be examined every 3 months.

Proper intake of PreP is important, especially for vaginal sex. Here it is important to start 1 week ahead of exposure.


For more information please contact Aidshilfe Tirol.

PeP: protection against HiV after exposure:

You can obtain this medication in all public hospitals in Tyrol. It is important here that you act as quickly as possible (preferably within 2 hours).


If you are pregnant, you are legally allowed to continue to engage in sex work in Tyrol. There are no medical objections to sex during pregnancy, whether it is paid sex or not. However, you should of course continue to protect yourself against STDs.

Therefore, no one should take away your health book because of your pregnancy! If this is the case, please contact us!

A pregnancy should always be confirmed by a gynecologist. There you will also receive information about the further procedure (and a mother-child passport and the free examinations provided) etc.

Since you are self-employed and if you are fully insured with the SVS, you will receive a maternity allowance for the period before and after the birth if you suspend your work.


If it is an unwanted pregnancy and you do not want to keep the child under any circumstances, you have several options:

  • Termination of the pregnancy up to the 16th week. In Tyrol, there is only one doctor who performs this.
  • Release of the child for adoption.
  • Anonymous birth and baby hatch.


If you need any more information on pregnancies, please do not hesitate to contact us.