As we have learned from the Corona Crisis, it is VERY IMPORTANT that all sex workers do their taxes correctly.


For that you have to:
- apply for your own tax number (Steuernummer) at your local tax office (Finanzamt) and

- file an annual income tax return (Steuererklärung).

We can help you a little bit, but we recommend that you hire a tax advisor (Steuerberater).

If you earn less than €11,000 a year, you do not have to pay tax. However, you will have to prove it.
We therefore recommend that you make out invoices for your services (income) and keep all invoices for your work expenses (e.g. travel costs, room rent, insurance costs, work materials such as condoms, soft tampons, work clothes, make-up, sex toys, training, language courses, etc.) in order to deduct them from your tax.

The advance income tax payments (usually €350/month) made by companies or by yourself are often too high, so you should get some of the tax back with an income tax return.

More detailed information:

Information on taxes and insurance
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